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Steering Suspension Parts
Steering Suspension Parts
There are 2 types of steering suspension parts:

1. Parallelogram steering

2. Rack &pinion steering

steering suspension play a very important role in your experienced driving it’s help you out to take corners, bumps, shaking, and tire vibration.
You must have a well suspension for your experienced driving and more importent for your life !!!

Parallelogram steering parts:
Ball joints upper & lower, Control arms and bushing upper & lower, Coil springs, Tie rods inner & outer, Idle arm, Pitman arm, Center link, Adjuster sleeve, Stabilizer link anti-sway bar, Steering knuckle.

Rack & pinion steering
Upper mounting plate, Coil spring , Macpherson strut, Bellows boots, Upper & lower control arm, Control arm bushing upper & lower, Rack & pinion, Inner & outer tie rods, Anti-sway bar, Steering , knuckle, Upper & lower ball joint.

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